Help the Homeless

Published January 15, 2015 by Naomi Rettig

Help the homeless
They’re not front page news,
Don’t give them money
As they’ll spend it on booze.
Give them some food
Like a nice Cornish pasty,
Check they’re not vegetarian
Or they might turn nasty.
A tartan blanket or a hand held fan,
A selection of photos of Duran Duran,
A squeaky toy for the dog by their side,
With a sorrowful look like his mum’s just died,
Some soap on a rope, so they can smell nice,
Lavender or rose but not edelweiss,
A tambourine so that they can busk,
Some crunchy ryvitas
Or a banana rusk.
A pretty hat for collecting their cash,
Something homemade though
Nothing too flash.
So help the homeless when out one day
Then go and put your feet up
With a box of milk tray.


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