Published January 15, 2015 by Naomi Rettig

Look at you with your woeful life
Knee deep in gloom and wading through strife.
Debts ‘round your neck weighing you down
Your face locked into a permanent frown,
Clinging to drink as if it’s your saviour
Yet all it does is control your behaviour.
Hunched in a pub and thinking of me,
I showed you the way but you never did see,
Now you do but alas it’s too late
So you sit there in your maudlin state
Neglecting your girlfriend back at home
Regretful thoughts encouraged to roam.
You’re stuck in the past now, can’t move on,
Trapped in a life that’s a sham and a con.
You did me a favour setting me free
As I’m really enjoying being me.


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