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My Ideal Christmas

Published December 14, 2020 by Naomi Rettig

Calorie free chocolate that tastes oh so good,

A cosy log cabin hid away in a wood,

White fluffy snow that sparkles so bright,

Reading a book in soft candlelight,

Snuggling under a warm Christmas fleece,

Meditating quietly with inner peace,

Listening to carols as I close my eyes,

Avoiding temptation of cream and mince pies.

Seeing my daughter’s smile light up the room,

Chatting with friends via Facebook and Zoom.

A real open fire with flames dancing high,

The brightest of stars in a velvet sky.

A cat purring happily on my lap,

Luring me gently into having a nap.

A trampoline session to make me feel groovy,

Then feet up, relax, and chillout with a movie.

The gorgeous Judd Nelson waiting in bed

Covered all over with a marzipan spread.


Cycling Uphill Through Blancmange

Published January 14, 2015 by Naomi Rettig

I’m cycling uphill through blancmange,
It’s raining with a storm on the way.
There’s a flesh eating zombie behind me
And I’m not even sure of the day.

There’s a sea of lava towards me
And a shark with a big Toblerone.
Small pigeons are circling above me
And the battery’s run out on my phone.

My bicycle now has a puncture,
I think it’s the end of the line.
I’m going to stop for a bite to eat
And a glass of gooseberry wine.